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Body Mass Index – BMI Calculator

Body Mass Index – BMI Calculator

If you are thoroughly fixated on losing weight for some time now but it has not happened yet, use this BMI Calculator to find out your body mass index and get on the right path to a healthier lifestyle. The BMI result is just one way to measure the total body fat, based on computing the weight and height of an individual. Basically the BMI is used to determine if a person is categorized under the normal weight, within the normal weight, above the normal weight, or if one is obese.

Calculating BMI at Home

Before you start any diet or exercise, it would be good if you know what your BMI is since it could help you choose the most appropriate mode for losing weight.
Our online BMI calculator calculates it all for you with just 1 click. All you need to do is input your weight and height. You should not take this reading as medical advise, but just as an indicator of where you may be in the general scale of body weight.

Getting Results, Taking Action

According to the BMI charts, you will be categorized under the normal weight if the result of your calculation is between 18.50 and 24.99. Those who find their weight to be ‘normal’ should just work to maintain it.
Anything lower than 18.50 means that you are underweight. Some people, especially young women, prefer this. But health experts don’t recommend that since this could be an early sign of anorexia. They suggest that underweight individuals should take the necessary action to get back on the normal scale.

If the results show that you are 24.99 and above, you are overweight. People who find themselves in this class are at higher risk for increased blood pressure, various cardiovascular problems, and even early death.
But if you have reached a BMI score of 30, that is a worrying sign. This means that you are already obese and should already consult Dr Castaneda to help you lose all that extra weight. If you don’t, your risk of getting cardiovascular diseases and related health problems may increase.


Is This Accurate?

While a lot of weight watchers think that BMI can really help you determine if you are within the healthy weight range, medical specialists still believe that it is not enough.
According to many doctors, it would still be best to take other factors into consideration like the chosen exercise pattern, diet history, and even family history. This would not be appropriate for the elderly and athletes because their weight may be attributed to muscle, or lack thereof, and not fat.
Doctors and nutritionists also make calculations on waist to height ratios, resting metabolic rates and daily caloric intake to see if one is fit and healthy. Body mass index may just be a guideline, but if you are truly serious about your weight loss plans, this can really start you up and achieve your goals.

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