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Duodenal Switch Surgery – Obesity Surgery in Mexico

About Duodenal Switch Surgery

Duodenal Switch Surgery
Duodenal switch surgery (DS) is a complex weight loss procedure that combines both malabsorptive and restrictive elements so as to achieve a long-term percentage of excessive weight loss. This method has been known to achieve some of the best weight loss reported by patients, compared with other types of obesity surgery in Mexico.

The modern duodenal switch surgery includes partial gastrectomy. Gastrectomy reduces the size of the stomach along its greater curvature, hence restricting its capacity at the same time maintaining the normal functionality. This procedure actually keeps the pyloric valve untouched unlike the unmodified Biliopancreatic Diversion procedure, which employs a gastric “pouch” while at the same time bypassing the pyloric valve. This serves the advantage of eliminating any possibility of marginal ulcers, dumping syndrome, stomach blockages and closures, which are associated with gastric bypass procedures. Again, a portion of duodenum is kept in the normal food stream by the duodenal switch procedure. The preservation of this portion ensures that food is digested and optimally absorbed in the stomach before it is excreted into the small intestines.

The malabsorptive component that is also adopted by duodenal switch surgery separates the flow of pancreatic juice and bile from the flow of food. It does this by rearranging the the small intestine. This will inhibit the small intestine from absorbing the calories and other nutrients. The intestinal paths that were divided are rejoined down the digestive system hence allowing the digestive juices and food to mix again. Limited absorption of fats will therefore occur in the common tract.

Benefits Of Duodenal Switch Surgery

This procedure has numerous benefits that makes it superior to other procedures in some respects. These benefits include:

Better success rates – This method has proved to be more successful in its application, with some statistics showing more than 90 percent of the patients treated have maintained excess weight loss (EWL).

Greater excess weight loss – Of all the patients treated worldwide, this method has proved more worthwhile by producing the highest number of patients who have undergone excess weight loss after treatment than any other procedure of weight loss.

Superiority in resolving comorbidities – This procedure has witnessed the highest rate of cure to type 2 diabetes. Also, other comorbidities related to obesity have been cured fully or improved by this procedure.

Improvement of the quality of life – The overall quality of the patient’s life is improved with minimal or no occurrence of the patients vomiting.

Key Advantages of the Duodenal Switch Procedure

High percentage of success in terms of excess weight loss.
High percentage of type 2 diabetics cure.
People who have gone through duodenal switch surgery do not experience dumping syndrome due to preservation of the pyloric valve.
The diet that follows DS is much normal and easily tolerated as compared to other surgeries.
The malabsorptive component can be fully reversed as no portion of the small intestine is actually removed.

Disadvantages of DS

The restrictive component of the DS is not fully reversible since a portion of the stomach is actually removed.
Duodenal switch patients require extensive and lifelong blood tests in order to detect any deficiencies in vitamins or minerals.
DS patients also have to take mineral and vitamin supplements above the normal intakes by normal population.

For professional advise and more information about duodenal switch surgery in Mexico contact Dr Cataneda.

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