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Gastrectomy Sleeve Surgery – Obesity Surgery in Mexico

About Gastrectomy Sleeve Surgery

Gastrectomy sleeve surgery is a restrictive surgical procedure that reduces the amount of food you can consume and makes you feel satisfied and full sooner. Patients with an extremely high Basal Metabolic Index or BMI Body Mass Index greater than 55, pose a high risk and will usually qualify for bariatric surgery. In this case, gastrectomy sleeve surgery may be performed as the first phase of a two phase surgery. This procedure is vital as it helps the patients cut down on their excess weight prior to the bypass procedure performed in the second phase of the surgery. The bypass assists in losing the remaining unhealthy weight.
Gastrectomy Sleeve
Many patients lose much of the excessive weight in the first phase: the gastrectomy sleeve surgery, and hence there are minimal risks involved with the bypass procedure. Some of the patients who manage to lose adequate weight after the sleeve gastrectomy do not require undergoing the second phase of the surgery.

In a gastrectomy sleeve surgery, the left side or section of the stomach is taken off leaving behind a thin sleeve of the stomach. The tube or sleeve is nearly the size and shape of a banana. This surgical process is carried out laparoscopically and entails stapling of the stomach after the left side is removed. Laparoscopic procedures generally have smaller scars, faster recovery, less pain than open surgeries and a much shorter hospital stay. Patients who have gone through sleeve gastrectomy usually return to their day to day activities in less than 2 weeks and full recovery takes place by the 3rd week.
Gastrectomy sleeve surgery allows for the normal digestion of food and its absorption. Patients who have gone through this surgical procedure have experienced substantial weight loss and major health improvements, thus showing to cut down on their body weight by an average of 50%.

Gastrectomy Sleeve Benefits

No foreign bodies are used as in band surgery.
Reduced stomach volume increases the feeling of being full.
The procedure can be performed laparoscopically.
No dumping syndrome due to pyloric portion of stomach is left intact.
Less operative time than bypass surgeries.
Stomach functions normally allowing most foods to be eaten but in smaller amounts.
Simpler procedure than gastric bypass.
Less hospital stay than bypass surgeries.
Stomach portion that produces Ghrelin, hunger stimulating hormone is removed.
No intestinal bypass and its associated risks.
Safer first phase procedure of two phase surgery for super morbidly obese.

Risks and Considerations

Short lived remedy for obesity unless the second phase which is the bypass procedure is performed.
The process does not guarantee the complete loss of the excess weight and the patient may regain it afterwards.
Potential for dilation of the sleeve affecting weight loss.
The process is irreversible.

Any surgery performed has its own complications and risks. The health benefits associated with this surgical procedure far outweigh the disadvantages. If you´re looking for obesity surgery in Mexico it is very important to get informed first by Dr Castaneda, understanding both the risks and benefits of gastrectomy sleeve surgery before it is performed.

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